Shortage of digital skills and awareness are some of the main barriers for enterprises preventing them from the access and effective use of advanced digital technologies. Join the free training course Digital skills for enterprises and increase your digital performance! This training material provides information relevant for SMEs on how to develop and strengthen digital skills to be equipped for the digital transformation.

In the context of digital transformation, digital competences of enterprises need improvement in order to increase the use of digital technologies in the process of planning and delivering services and products. Therefore, it is essential to help promote digital competences and skills among SMEs and help them to overcome some of the traditional barriers of technology adoption such as high, upfront sunk costs of investing in digital technologies, and enable them to switch more rapidly from one technology to another to avoid being locked in.

While recent years have shown a growing trend towards buying information and communication technologies (ICTs) as a service, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) lag behind in their adoption of sophisticated digital technologies. Despite increasing diffusion of digital technologies and tools in businesses, a large proportion of enterprises does not possess adequate digital skills to adapt to and use these supporting technologies. Moreover, many enterprises in less developed and rural areas are still not aware of their future coming digital needs and/or are unable to upgrade their services or product design and delivery by effective use of digital technologies.