Remote Areas with
digital infrastructure and services


Digital divide across rural areas of the North Sea region is limiting their attractiveness for families and businesses. The infrastructural investment is not adequately delivered to rural areas due to high financial risks. Digital skills also fail to meet a certain level of progress. Local authorities are often not aware of their future-coming digital needs and end-users have limited skills to create an effective level of demand. CORA targets these issues and emphasizes on main components of digital divide, namely digital infrastructure, services and skills. It helps local authorities to identify their common challenges and empowers them to exchange experiences and test innovative solutions to create an advanced digital environment. 10 regions will demonstrate one or more dimensions of digitalization according to their baselines and local priorities.

What we do

CORA partners developed a model, which provides a comprehensive set of guiding measures towards digitalization in rural areas. CORA targets the rural digital divide as a shared concern in the North Sea Region. It helps local authorities in rural areas to identify their digital barriers and empowers them to test new tools and solutions facilitating the development of advanced digital infrastructure and services as well as enhancing the digital skills and competences. The aim is to bridge digital divide, improve public services delivery and create an environment stimulating digital innovation in rural areas. The CORA model employs fixed and mobile digital hub concepts to offer in-place advice, technology demonstration and incubator spaces. It is built on the “train the trainer – approach”, face-to-face and online training concepts. CORA partners will test if this model can enhance digital skills. The results will be utilized to formulate digital strategies for rural areas that will be streamlined to the regional, national and European authorities and influence the EU digital inclusion policy.

Who we are

We are 18 partners from 7 EU member states who collaborate to further develop rural areas in the North Sea Region.

Intercommunal Leiedal

Municipality of Eidskog

Innlandet County Council

Municipality of North Djurs

Torsby Municipality

Värmland County Administrative Board

atene KOM GmbH

Groningen Internet Exchange Foundation

Municipality of Kongsvinger

Oldambt Municipality

University of Groningen

Municipality of Vejle

Aalborg University

Municipality of Grue

Municipality of Middelfart

Municipality of South Djurs

University of Lincoln

Collective Municipality Hüttener Berge


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Project Manager
Intercommunale Leiedal

Peyman Khodabakhsh

Project Manager
atene KOM GmbH

Darijus Valiucko

Communication Manager
atene KOM GmbH

Christoph Wald

Finance Manager
atene KOM GmbH