CORA project helps regions to bring together digital infrastructure, digital skills and services. This makes regions more resilient towards unexpected impulses, limitations e.g. as in case of COVID-19. The population with adequate digital skills with proper infrastructure, and with access to the most important digital services is able to withstand limitations of the physical world and compensate by using solutions from the digital dimension.

Smart and resilient regions are digitally strong and equipped. Their population has access to reliable infrastructure and online services such as e-health, e-education, e-administration and know how to use the services (skills). Their businesses are well connected and have adequate skills necessary in order to implement flexible working conditions (e.g. like working from home) and relocate & adapt workflows. Their flexibility and skills help them to continue production and providing services even in the times of the physical limitations.

With regard to rural areas, there are also fears that already existing disparities will increase through the COVID-19 crisis. In the CORA project, we are particularly looking at disparities between urban and rural areas. Digital transformation, changing the mind-set, expanding digital infrastructure, skills & services is the answer!