Aalborg University arranged a 24-hour cyberhack event with participation of both companies and students. It took place on 28-29 September 2019 in Aalborg, DK. During the 24 hours, 70 participants had to solve a number of challenges related to cyber security: starting with soft skills challenges regarding risk assessments and incident response, towards more technical challenges such as finding vulnerable computers in a virtual lab.

At the same time, the event was a test case for the selected blended training materials produced in CORA: A number of cyber security challenges, combined with a tactical element of gamification. Based on a scenario that can be adjusted according to the level of the participants skills, each team can find up to 10 different “flags”, which can then be traded among the teams in order to increase the total score. This requires not only technical skills, but also communication and collaboration skills, and it encourages the teams to exchange the knowledge between them. The game was a big success, and will be included as part of the materials supporting workshops within the CORA approach.